We specialize in the tuition of three main instruments. The Electronic Keyboard , the Guitar and Drum Kit. Our sessions include both playing by ear and Music Theory Rudiments.

Our method is geared towards getting the student to play as quickly as possible. In this light, we use modern contemporary gospel and secular songs that are familiar and easy to play. We recognize that most students really desire to play simple songs that they can sing along to or accompany others with therefore, the use of chord charts achieves this goal quickly.

Even with this method ,we do not compromise on teaching all the important theory rudiments and techniques that go along with each instrument. To support that, we sign up students for Trinity Music London Graded exams.


We teach electronic keyboard. All students are required to walk with both keyboard and stand. Each student is taught to sight read and play accompaniment chords by ear. Classical, gospel and contemporary songs are used. We provide both lead sheets and chord charts for all pieces.


We teach acoustic, electric and bass guitar. Each student must come with his/her instrument. The guitarist learns two main styles of playing. 1 The strumming method. 2. The finger style (classical) method. We also use modern day songs to develop the guitarist as an accompanist. For Bass Guitar we teach beginner to intermediate level.


Learn to play the drums with easy to follow beginner lessons. You will learn at least 10 beginner drum grooves for five music styles., basic fills and rudiments. This tuition is done using audio/visual methods. Each student should purchase a pair of 5A Drumsticks when coming to our classes.

Tuition Information 2020


Our Classes are held at Three (3) Locations Presently.

Registration: $150.
Monthly Tuition $250.
Most of the tuition material is provided by the school.


La Romaine Thur. 9th Jan.

Rousillac Sat. 11th Jan

Vistabella Mon.13th Jan

Head Office

  • 6 Iris Avenue, Rousillac, TRINIDAD
  • 868-344-6673

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