Thank you for registering for our FIX MY VOICE Vocal Course 2020.

Here are the full details on our upcoming 12 Weeks Course.
This course is called THE VOCAL TECHNIQUE AND PERFORMANCE WORKSHOP COURSE. It commences on Tuesday 7th April 2020  and continues every Tuesday from 5:30 pm. to 7:30 pm. (Excluding holidays)at #2 Lawrence Street, San Fernando. Registration $100. Course fee: $1500.  If you are attending, you will be required to pay the Registration and a first payment of $500. in advance. We also accept full payment. 

This course is a very interactive course and no private training will be done. All training will be classroom based.

The course is divided into two sections. 1. Proper Technique Development using the Full Voice Method.  2. Presentation and Performance Development.

On the date of commencement, you will be accessed in three categories, 1. Musical Ear (pitch sense) 2. Range  3. Breathing and Tone. At the end a completion certificate will be presented and you can qualify for a video recording of your performance. You will also be illegible to take part in our upcoming 2021 showcase concert.

If you have any vocal ailment ,breathing difficulty or physical ailment that you think would be a hindrance, please present a letter of approval from  a physician or ENT specialist before joining.  If you possess flu-like symptoms or the full flu you will not be allowed to join. If you have joined and possess flu symptoms we are kindly asking that you do not attend sessions. 

Our class caters for approximately 12 students. You are required to eat at least one hour before sessions and make sure you are properly hydrated. You will also need to wear clothing that is not tight around the waist. 

It is imperative that you be punctual ,have a high attendance rating and apply what is taught at home if you desire to benefit from this course.  If for some reason you cannot attend please inform the coach in advance. 

Please be mindful that you have made an investment in yourself so it is now your responsibility to make this course work for you.  We can’t change your voice only you can do that by abiding by our instructions. Feel free to call Claudine George 344-6673 or Donna Humphrey 494-4433 for further details.


Claudine George