I'm going with Jesus                    I am saved                                Jesus I Love You                        Lord I believe in you                   This is your house

Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir         Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir        Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir         Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir         Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir

Because of who you are           Keep on making a way                Days of Elijah                              We come rejoicing                     Take up your cross

Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir       Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir           Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir         Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir         Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir

 Jesus the one and only              Friend of a wounded heart      Jesus is everything I need          Holy Holy Holy                           The Wonder of His Hands

 Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir         Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir      Alvin Slaughter                           Alvin Slaughter                           Alvin Slaughter

That's When                               But God                                     Going up to the high places       Mourning into dancing                Righteousness Peace Joy

 Alvin Slaughter                          Ron Winans                               Ron Knolly                                 Ron Knolly                                  Ron Knolly

Jesus I love you so                    His Strength is Perfect               Indescribable                              Better                                          Potter's House

Beau Williams                            CeCe                                         Kierra Sheard                             Jessica Reedy                            Tramaine Hawkins

Stand                                         Can't live a day without you        For You                                       Turning around for Me               He's coming back

John P Kee                                Avalon                                         Kenny Latimore                          Vshawn Mitchel                         New Jersey Mass Choir







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